WEEKdays (Women Encouraging Excellence and Knowledge)

Founded in 1999 and is dedicated to promoting rewarding careers for girls.

WEEKdays guides female high school students from Toronto and the GTA along pathways of success. Our educational programs embrace the dignity of the person by focusing on academic excellence, virtue development, and individual attention.

Tutoring Program

Our tutoring program runs yearly from September to June. Our tutors are young women recruited from local universities and colleges. They are trained to tutor and provide homework support for high school girls, helping them to improve their grades and/or open doors to better post-secondary opportunities. The university women also serve as role models for high school girls.

Tutoring sessions are held in-person at Kintore College on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


Eana | Tutor

When I applied to tutor younger students that might need some help or guidance throughout their semesters, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for giving back to the society. Tutoring not only made me proud of sharing my knowledge, but also gave me an eye opening experience of feeling the happiness when seeing my tutee improve and find the joy in learning. I am excited to continue on this rewarding experience.

Darcy | Tutor

My time with these students taught me how to connect with youth using a variety of communication methods. WEEKdays does a good job of ensuring tutors taught the subjects they requested.

Nicole | Tutor

I want to volunteer with WEEKdays because it seems to embody many things that I value; friendships, education, trust, and hard work. Also the volunteers of this program are what I want to strive to be: a caring role model who makes a difference in someone else’s life.

Tara | Tutee

WEEKdays is a great place to be comfortable and ask questions. The tutors are awesome. They are dedicated and will help you until you understand it, even if it takes you a long time. I got along with my tutor very well. It wasn’t all about math and science. I had fun too.